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Leasing News published this information on April 25, 2008

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) MLFI-25 report showed originations going from $5.4 billion to $7 billion from February to March, but stated in their press release to the media: “the increase was anticipated due to the quarter-ending cyclicality of the equipment finance business.” (more…)


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ELFA eNews Daily
Wall Street Journal (04/24/08)
P. A1 ; Ip, Greg; Kingsbury, Kevin

The Federal Reserve has cut the federal funds rate to 2.25 percent from 5.25 percent, amounting to seven reductions over a span of eight months, and experts anticipate another 0.25 percentage point cut at its April 29-30 meeting. However, experts think the central bank could take a breather after the next rate cut to give officials time to assess the impact of rate reductions, upcoming tax rebates, and other measures on the economy during the latter half of the year. Moreover, there are concerns that further reducing the federal funds rate could increase inflationary pressure and weaken the dollar even more. (more…)

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Physician Finance Consulting, Inc. of Tampa, Florida was selected by the corporate office of Eleme Medical to be one of their preferred finance companies.

Eleme has a new product called Smooth Shapes which was recently featured on The View and in O Magazine.

The Eleme website describes the product and treatment as; The SmoothShapes™ treatment provides longer lasting results from dimpled skin known as cellulite. Studies show that 85-98% of post-pubertal women have cellulite. Disappointed with current treatments, many practitioners and patients are looking for a solution they can believe in. The SmoothShapes System uses a proprietary technology called Photomology™ for treating cellulite by restoring adipose cells and improving the less flexible fibrous septae. Photomology’s mechanism of action combines laser (915 nm) and light energy (650 nm) with manual manipulation and vacuum to affect the tissue that is responsible for the appearance of cellulite. SmoothShapes represents a significant improvement in the way cellulite is treated.

PFC is excited about this new opportunity to provide equipment financing to physicians nationwide for Eleme; said Pamela Hewett, the President of PFC.

PFC provides vendor equipment finance programs; as well as, physicians loans for financing working capital, debt consolidation, practice acquisition or expansion, leasehold improvements and equipment leasing and loans.

For more information on PFC please visit the website www.pfcfinance.com

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Latest news from www.msn.com read as follows:
Students in need of private loans to pay for college costs for the coming academic year will have to grapple with higher interest rates and tougher credit checks. Even then, some who have qualified for such loans in the past probably won’t this year. (more…)

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Within the last few weeks four of the largest banks have announced plans to secure fresh capital. The need for the funding comes from the mortgage crisis and the losses attributed to the the crisis. Wachovia, Bank of America, National City Corporation, and Washington Mutual have all announced plans to secure more capital funding. The New York Times published an article on April 21st that gives more details of the large losses and how banks are trying to secure funding to continue to operate.

How does this affect securing financing for your business?

As banks losses mount it leaves very little capital to lend out. This will make their credit criteria to extend credit to a business much more stringent. Companies that work with multiple funding sources will become the best option to help a business secure financing for working capital, debt consolidation, equipment financing, equipment leases/loans, and business expansion during this credit crunch.  A source such as PFC, Inc. can help a company secure the funding at a reasonable rate with the least risk to the owner’s business and personal assets.

For additional information go to www.pfcfinance.com.

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PFC Inc. is dedicated to helping businesses understand their loan options and how to obtain financing for the growth of their business. Below is information that you may find informative to secure a loan for your business for working capital, equipment financing or leasing, debt consolidation, leasehold improvements, or expansion. For additional information please email phewett@pfcfinance.com. Website: www.pfcfinance.com (more…)

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In the latest move to jump start the economy the government increased business tax write offs for purchasing equipment to an all time high. Normal depreciation of most equipment is over a 5 year schedule. Section 179 is an accelerated depreciation that the government gives to promote small businesses to purchase equipment. Most tangible equipment and software qualifites for Section 179 accelerrated depreciation. Last year Section 179 was $108,000 the new economy reform bill increased Section 179 to $250,000. (more…)

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