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The Obama administration on Tuesday will announce tough new restrictions on bailout funds aimed at curbing lobbying by companies that receive taxpayer injections.”We will implement safeguards to crack down on lobbyist influence over the program, including restricting contacts with lobbyists in connection with applications for, or disbursements of” federal funds designed to shore up the financial system, the Treasury Department says in its announcement.

Fourth-quarter lobbying reports had shown an increase in lobbying by GM and some financial institutions that had benefited from the federal rescue. ….  Continue Reading


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Doctor's EquipmentEquipment financing and leasing for medical and healthcare equipment purchases. Members of the medical profession must have equipment that is up to date and functioning properly. Medical equipment is an essential part of the medical business. The question comes whether the medical company wants to purchase equipment or just lease that equipment.

Dental practices rely heavily on up to date equipment each day they are in business. Most dentists do not have the money to purchase all of the needed equipment so they must rely on dental practice financing. There are companies out there that specialize in dentistry equipment and most of them will also offer a financing program that is designed with the dentist in mind.

Doctor’s offices and hospitals use very sophisticated equipment to treat and diagnose their patients. It is imperative that the equipment they have is in good working order and dependable. This type of equipment is very expensive and few people have the money to purchase it without some type of financing. (more…)

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Section 179 a tax benefit created to fuel growth for small businesses. If you purchase less than $800,000 in equipment in 2008, the first $250,000 can be depreciated 100% for 2008.

Most small businesses will find that leasing equipment is often a smarter move than simply purchasing equipment. Equipment is a costly purchase that many small businesses cannot afford.

 Equipment leases allow the small business to pay a small monthly fee which allows them to use the equipment. This fee is usually something that is manageable within the monthly budget and still allows the small business to have access to some of the best equipment on the market. (more…)

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Often someone who leases a property will want to make improvements to that property, even though the property does not legally belong to them. With the owner’s permission they may choose to make leasehold improvements to the property to suit their needs.

This is often seen in places such as shopping centers where there are several stores involved. The company or corporation may lease the property with the understanding that they can build a shopping center on the property. The terms of the lease in this circumstance us usually a 99 year land lease.

This means that the person who is leasing the property will have access to the property for 99 years. At the end of the 99 years the property and all improvements will revert back to the property owner. (more…)

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Debt Consolidation

 There are many truths and myths about debt consolidation. With the failing economy reaching world wide proportions many people are finding they can no longer make their regular monthly debt payments. Many of these people will look for ways to consolidate their debt so that they do not lose their merchandise or have to file bankruptcy.

If you are considering debt consolidation there are several things you should understand first. Not all debt consolidation works and you could find that you have an even greater problem than you had before. (more…)

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