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Linked in Can help you grow your business

As I continue to grow my business with LinkedIn, I find articles that may help others. This is an informative article on using LinkedIn.


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ELFA eNews Daily
Wall Street Journal (04/24/08)
P. A1 ; Ip, Greg; Kingsbury, Kevin

The Federal Reserve has cut the federal funds rate to 2.25 percent from 5.25 percent, amounting to seven reductions over a span of eight months, and experts anticipate another 0.25 percentage point cut at its April 29-30 meeting. However, experts think the central bank could take a breather after the next rate cut to give officials time to assess the impact of rate reductions, upcoming tax rebates, and other measures on the economy during the latter half of the year. Moreover, there are concerns that further reducing the federal funds rate could increase inflationary pressure and weaken the dollar even more. (more…)

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In the latest move to jump start the economy the government increased business tax write offs for purchasing equipment to an all time high. Normal depreciation of most equipment is over a 5 year schedule. Section 179 is an accelerated depreciation that the government gives to promote small businesses to purchase equipment.┬áMost tangible equipment and software qualifites for Section 179 accelerrated depreciation. Last year Section 179 was $108,000 the new economy reform bill increased Section 179 to $250,000. (more…)

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